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Ninja Warrior


Hi everyone, Ruby here. It’s been a while. I would like to share my fantastic experience at the recently opened Ninja Warrior course in Chelmsford. It was so much fun and definitely a great activity to partake in with friends.

My friend and I visited this indoor adventure park and really enjoyed it. The course was challenging yet so much fun. It tested our strength, grip, determination and acrobatic skills. 

The park, was split between two courses. The first section was extremely challenging, it was almost identical to the course you see on TV, without the water! I was so excited to try and see if I could accomplish the course. Firstly, it started with the side loads you have to jump side to side on, which are always at the start of the course on TV. Then you have to jump, swing and grip on a multiple of different obstacles to make your way to the wall, which is slightly smaller. I recommend wearing some light gloves as it can make your hands sore.

It’s at this point your halfway through the entire route. There are more fun obstacles to test your ability, even toughened safety glass barriers that you have to climb through. That was really hard, because it requires strength in your arms and legs, balance, grip, coordination and speed. After that, you face the big warped wall, I always wondered what it would be like to try and climb it and I got the chance, it was amazing.

Over the other side of the park, there was a gigantic inflatable course as well, which was so fun as you could race one another along a challenging bouncy course. As well, as that there are climbing walls and another bouncy frame to climb and there is a slide at the top of the inflatable hill to slide down, even the adults loved it! Beside the obstacle course there was bouncy, inflatable balls that you had to try and run across to make it to the other side without falling, we really enjoyed this. Also, there was an area where you could combat against your friend to try and push each other off of the beam into the foam pit. This was so much fun and we did this several times.

Overall, this day out was extremely enjoyable and I would definitely go back to challenge the courses and wall again.

“Do you have what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior?”

Ruby Xx



Ruby's verdict: 9/10, I really enjoyed climbing but after a while my hands felt sore. The bounce park was so good, I wish I spent more time in it!

Overall experience: A fantastic array of fun. There are obstacles the whole family can enjoy, whether you’re a Ninja in training, or you’re a Ninja master.

Price: Book online from £14.95 for 60 minutes

Fun Factor: Lots to discover, a fun day spent indoors.





BMX Interest


We are looking for BMX riders who either go to school in Havering or live in Havering. 

Please register your interets here:


BMX Interest



Havering Wins LYG Tampoline Gold!


A massive congratulations to the Havering LYG Trampoline team lead by Team Manager Gary Lewis. 

On Sunday 28th January 2024 our trampolining team (Aiden, Jaime, Lara, Maisie, Max, Pheobe, Riley, Rose, Samuel and Summer) competed in the London wide competition bringing home the Team Gold Medals and Overall Trampoline Trophy to Havering. They all performes solid routines to build their points together as a team in their different ability levels. 

Well Done Team Trampolining!




Romford Recorder


London Youth Games 


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Do you want to be a part of the Havering London Youth Games Team? 


Keep and eye out here for all the trials and training upcoming in this years 2024 season! 


Havering Needs You!
We are looking for Cricket Players in Havering to represent the borough in the London Youth Games Cricket events in 2024.
We have the following categories this year:
Under 13 Girls
Under 15 Girls
Under 13 Boys
Please register your interest below for the upcoming trials:
Any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Look forward to seeing you.
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