Ep 11
Playlists, Inspirational Music & What I'm Watching!

Hi everyone it's me Ruby, I hope you're keeping well and safe and the home schooling is going ok. I've had a great week, topped off with a signed Declan Rice photo delivered to my door! 

Here are some things that have been keeping me entertained.

TV shows

Family Cooking Showdown: This is on Netflix, two families go head-to-head and one of them gets through to the semi-final over a series of three challenges, I'd like to go on this show with my family, some of the recipes have been handed through the generations which I find very inspirational.

Sugar Rush: Four teams of two compete in three challenges and one team will be cut from round one and two, this is a baking competition, great if love sweet treats! Again, on Netflix.

The One & Only Ivan: This is on Disney Plus a film where a silver back gorilla, tries to free the other animals in his circus.

World's Greatest Dogs: This is on Disney plus; dogs from all over the world perform different tricks and are in films doing stunts.

Dancing on Ice: This is on ITV, the series has just started, twelve celebrities take to the ice and they will be leaving the competition through a skate off each week.

The Chase: A quiz show on ITV where people try and beat the chasers who are all very clever to win cash prizes, good to expand your general knowledge.

The Masked Singer: The new series recently started, celebrities sing and are disguised under masks. Have you guessed anyone on there yet?


During my virtual 'Zoom' modern dancing class on Saturday my teacher changes the playlists each week. Last week we danced to eighties music and this week it's the nineties! It's good to put on some music and move! You can view playlists and make your own on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and on the shuffle mode in Spotify it's free to play, you can open an account and play for free! I love the Norris Nuts songs; you can also view workout music to play whilst you exercise or just to motivate you in the background.

I hope you liked my recommendations. Don't forget to join in with London Youth Games School Games fitness challenges to earn points for Havering. Check it out on www.londonyouthgames.org or @ldnyouthgames on Instagram. Go Team Havering!

"Explore to see more"
Ruby Xx
Fun Things To Do At Home!

Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. 

Firstly, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy new year. As this is our 3rd national lockdown I have thought of some ideas you could try to keep entertained, creative, fit and active.


It is great for your health to go for a walk nearly every day.

You can have lovely brisk walks or power walks or walk at a general steady pace; you can choose your preference. Recently I have been going for a twenty- minute walk most mornings with my family before school starts! 

My nan and grandad go for a walk every day to their local park, it helps keep them active, is a chance to take in the natural beauty of nature and get some vitamin D which is important during the winter months, it's sometimes called the 'sunshine vitamin' because it's produced in our skin in response to sunlight, it's also important for normal growth and resistance against certain diseases.

Although walking is slower than running you may not think that you are getting the same amount of exercise but walking can provide the same benefits. Studies show that walking is as good as running and cuts down the risk of heart disease.

Visit http://www.walkingforhealth.org.uk to see what walk routes you can take in your local area, ways to stay motivated and contact details of your local walks coordinator.


While we're in lockdown it's a great time to try something new that we may not have had time to do before.

Over the holidays I've been baking and cooking, why don't you give it a try. One of the things I made was a parsnip soup, which is great to eat when it's cold to help warm you up. Visit http://www.jaimeoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-vegetables/spicy-parsnip-soup​ to see the parsnip soup recipe I made. Making soup is also a good way to use up any leftover vegetables.

When baking or cooking you can enjoy a variety of different foods and make your own creative twists!


Another thing to do to keep you entertained during lockdown is art, it’s a good boost for our mental health to express ourselves. 

You can paint, colour or sketch anything you desire; let your imagination run wild.

Visit http://www.artprojectsforkids.org.uk to find lots of inspiring suggestions and follow them daily for artistic ideas with tips, tricks and more. 

Recently I've made glitter pictures of a snowman by following numbers and my cousin and I enjoy creative ‘Zoom’ calls by designing colourful posters and art competitions together.

"Remember - STAY POSITIVE"
Ruby Xx
Ruby Ep09
Christmas 2020 🎅🤶🎄
Christmas is a very special and cheerful time of the year, although this year it will be a bit different, you can still celebrate in many ways.
Things to do at home
You could host karaoke at home with family, make a gingerbread house, (I personally love making chocolate brownies) watch a movie, play traditional card or board games, try some homemade crafts, Christmas card making or even dance and sing along to a Christmas song! You'll find more ideas at www.penguin.co.uk under the category; games and activities and closer to home at: www.mumsguideto.co.uk which you can search your area.
Enjoyment in Havering Parks
Perhaps you could go for a lovely brisk walk or like me visit Dagnam Park. It's so magical with wild deer roaming free, which are great to see over the Christmas holidays. It's ideal to go for a walk, run, swim or bike ride to burn off all the Christmas chocolate! Why not try going for walk in your local park instead of reaching for another mince pie, your body and mind will certainly thank you for it - everything in moderation right?!
Now most of us are spending more time indoors it's especially important to make the most of the chances when you do get to go outside. Those days between Christmas and New Year are an ideal time to rethink your fitness, ready for the new year, when we might not get a chance to spend as much time with friends and family as usual. I might even try to get my family to join the new Hornchurch Leisure Centre opening early in January. It looks great. I hope they release a timetable soon and have lots of activities for children.
Keeping Safe
Due to Coronavirus, Christmas might feel strange this year. We can still have an amazing Christmas, while still keeping safe. We can enjoy quizzes, online gatherings with friends & family or even socially distanced walks. I really hope I'm on the good list this year, I can't wait to see what 2021 has in store!
Keep safe.
Over and out 2020!
Ruby Xx

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'Football Teams'


As grassroots sports, like football, are returning as we come out of lockdown perhaps you could rediscover sports you enjoy or you could join a local football team. Visit www.thefa.com to find a football team you could join locally. I’ve recently started training with a team - I’m really enjoying it. I went in not knowing anyone but everyone welcomed me and were really friendly. I can’t wait to carry on improving. 


Why do we support a team?

I think the majority of people follow in the footsteps of their family when supporting a team unless we particularly like another team. I support West Ham. Following a football team may bring a sense of excitement, emotional highs, lows and the element of the unknown!


Great ways to support teams

You can support your team by singing chants, going to watch them or buying their merchandise. You can get creative and think of your own ways of supporting your team. I did a tour of the London Stadium and it was excellent walking around the behind the scenes places like the tunnel, dressing room and pitch side; it’s definitely worth doing. It can work out expensive watching a premium team every week but why not keep it local and watch teams over the park or follow www.essexfa.com it shows boys and girls football teams you could watch and shows you position tables and results.


Due to Covid- 19 fans haven’t been able to watch in the stadiums but some stadiums are allowing some fans back. I remember my first game, I was five years old and it was at Upton Park. West Ham played Manchester City and won 2-1; from that moment I was hooked. I have been a lot of times since it is a great way of supporting your team and having a day out with friends and family. 

I love to keep up to date with all the latest football news and my team. West Ham are doing really well at the moment. This Saturday, 5th December it will be the first time fans can watch again and we are playing Manchester United. COME ON YOU IRONS!


"Keep Kicking!"

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'Sporting Heroes'


Most of us have a person or people we aspire to. Personally I like Declan Rice because when he got rejected from Chelsea at the age of fourteen he never gave up, he carried on and joined West Ham. Now, at the age of twenty one years old he is team captain for West Ham and regularly plays football for England. This shows that although he got rejected, if we don't give up and believe in ourselves we can achieve greater things.


Sporting heroes are more than just sports stars they're an inspiration. They all start off like us with a dream that they work extremely hard to achieve and like Declan they have knock backs! But it is how we deal with them that make us the people we are. We learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up and push ourselves even harder to be the best we can be.


Who is your sporting hero? Who or what is your inspiration?

In the words of Mo Farah ( November 2020 ITV I'm a Celebrity)

" Doesn't matter what colour, language, religion, sport will bring people together "


If it wasn't for sport his life may have taken a different path. That's why sport is so important in our lives to give us focus and drive or even if its just for fun! Mo Farah is an inspiration with his enthusiasm, determination, his passion for sport and his will to win.


"Never give up, be inspired!"

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