Rock Up Climbing


Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. Recently, I discovered a rock-climbing centre in Lakeside called Rock Up. It’s a fantastic climbing place where you can release your inner monkey and scale towering walls, plus there’s even a soft play area too!

I feel it’s great for children as it’s very exciting and as you walk in you come face to face with the high climbing walls you’ll be challenging. You can take on any of the 27 epic climbing walls reaching over 8 metres high and you can take different routes to make it to the top. 

The session you book is roughly an hour and a half and this includes a thirty minute time slot where everyone is helped by the staff to put on your harness and to watch a safety video once everyone arrives. Once the safety checks are completed, you can begin climbing and there is always assistance around in the climbing area to clip yourself in or if you are stuck. Adults can climb if booked in or they can watch a short video explaining how to clip their children in and let them enjoy the fun.

The climbing is supervised, and you’ll hopefully gain confidence with every climb. I really enjoyed the sense of adventure climbing gave me, it felt amazing to be trying something new. My favourite climb was on the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ which was a bit different as you didn’t need to use your hands to climb!

Never been climbing before? Don’t worry- everyone from 4-year-olds to adults of any age or ability can climb. Climbing helps you with your balance, hand and foot coordination and agility.

Make sure you wear comfy clothes as you’ll be wearing a harness and closed toe shoes such as trainers.


“Reach for the stars”

Ruby Xx


Ruby's verdict: 9/10

Overall experience: Great to try different things.

Price: ( Age 4-17 years may vary from £9.95)

Fun factor: You can record and beat your climb time.

Contact: www.rock-up.co.uk or 01708 560080


LYG Archery Success!


A very successful weekend at LYG after a very uncertain 2021 season. 

Michael Pearce and the Havering Team consisting of Samuel Galvin, Jonathan Mallet, Eleanor Bridger-Richardson, Amelia Chumber & Taylor Cunningham did incredible well on home turf at Noak Hill Sports Complex winning an overall Team Bronze in the pan London event. 

This was alongside the individual medal won by the team. A gold medal for Samuel in the Short Windsor, a silver medal in the Windsor for Amelia. Also 2 gold medals from the Junior Windsor Category for Taylor and Eleanor.

Its great to see our Havering young people back out competing at London Youth Games and I look forward to bringing you more results throughout the East Hub Weekend this week. 


DSC 0008DSC 0002






Tigers Junior Football Club - Wildcats


Hi everyone, Ruby here. Hope you're enjoying the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays and are looking forward to going back to school, I'm looking forward to starting a new school year. 

Last year during the summer holidays, I decided I would like to join a football team. I had a bit of experience from being part of my school football team but wanted to develop my skills set. My mum found a local team under Tigers girls and I started to train with them twice a week but due to Covid restrictions the training wasn't as regular. Unfortunately, that team had to fold so I was a bit disappointed. However, under the Tigers umbrella I was able to join the Wildcats, where I was able to train with a group of girls who enjoy football.

The Weetabix Wildcats is for girls aged 5-11, who are willing to make new friends, play football, have fun and potentially join a team. Due to the large number of girls that played in my age group, Tigers was able to form another team that would be competing in league and cup games this upcoming season. So even if you want to attend for fun or for the opportunity to get into a team, it's a great way to spend Saturday mornings.

My experience of the Wildcats was really enjoyable, I learnt lots as the coaches were always willing to help and give tips. I was made to feel extremely welcome by Keith and Terry and all the team members so if you do feel a bit nervous; don't be as it's very encouraging. During my time at Wildcats, we did mini drills, such as rotating and passing, and my first session was a mini tournament, where we even got to play against an established team, which was exciting. I enjoyed having older girls, help coach as the group can aspire to them, that could be us when we're older!


"Best foot forward"

Ruby Xx



Ruby's verdict: 10/10

Overall experience: It was a fun and educational experience as I was learning new skills every Saturday and improving as a player.

Price: First taster session is free, then, £1.50 per session

Fun factor: Learn skills from drills.

Contact: www.tigersjfc.com 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Home Pitch Locations.

Bretons Outdoor Recreation Centre

Rainham Road


RM13 7LL


Fun fact: Tigers JFC is one of the largest youth football clubs in Essex!


 Ruby RRR5 min min





Alpaca Walk


Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. This week in the wilderness of the beautiful Essex countryside me, my nan and grandad went on an alpaca walk, it was great to combine the exercise of brisk walking with something fun! My grandparents go on a long walk everyday so I was hoping I could keep up with them!

To start, members of staff introduced us to the eight male alpacas that would be doing the walk with us. Our alpaca was called Opal and his best friend Smoky Quartz, who was in front as they were both born near the same time. Rupert, who was the oldest, is 13 years old so he had to lead the pack. Unfortunately, under 14s cannot hold the alpaca but it's definitely still worth the experience because you can walk alongside. Throughout the walk the alpacas would stop to eat from the bushes. Fun fact: alpacas can eat stinging nettles.

After the walk, which lasted roughly an hour, we visited the billy goats and we could feed them a branch of leaves. The guide explained the history of the goats; it was really fascinating listening to some of their stories. One of them was flat horned, which meant he didn't have curved horns like the other goats, this goat was in a fight with a pygmy goat and sadly that goat lost a horn so it is called the unihorn. They explained that most of the goats have been rescued and eventually go to homes where they are cared for.

Following on from the goat feed, we saw some of the female alpacas, there were 11 or 12, some with baby alpacas on the way and the leader of their pack was called... Ruby Matriarch.

Finally, we visited the pygmy goats, we got to stroke and even hold the baby goats. The one I held was 5-6 weeks old and was going to a home.


I enjoyed holding the goats as it felt really special. I would love to go again.


Ruby Xx



Ruby's verdict: 9/10

Overall experience: It was a magical experience, a fun way to spend a couple of hours walking and trying something new.

Price: 2 share 1 alpaca, £40 for the pair

Fun factor: I enjoyed so many laughs on my walk and learnt new information about alpacas.

Contact: www.blackwateralpacas.co.uk or 07813 290 708

All experiences must be pre-booked. T+C's apply. Experience on the day may vary and is open until the end of September. Total experience time is 2 hours.



IMG 6444 min IMG 6465 min




West Ham United Kicks PL Sessions / London Stadium Tour

Hi everyone, Ruby here. This week I've reviewed the West Ham United football PL foundation and a tour of the London Stadium, which is the home of West Ham United from 2016 and also home to the London 2012 Olympic games.


The foundation is open to ages (8-16 years) and a place where you can train and improve your football skills. The coaches give you lots of tips and are always willing to help you if you need it. There are multiple sessions for boys and girls on different days. Every Monday 5pm to 6:30pm, which is the session I attend.


I feel this training helps us develop and improve as footballers. You can practise and complete drills. Here are some of the drills we do: passing drills, moving into space to create angles so you're always around to receive the ball and mini matches. I've been twice and it is really enjoyable. I found the sessions fun, helpful and it's good to play with children of different ages and abilities.


When doing the stadium tour I visited the dressing rooms, which had the players' shirts hanging up. I also got to walk in the footsteps of them because I walked through the tunnel onto the ground where I sat on the manager's chair. We even got to go into the manager's office and walk past the frames of West Ham legends, with more information about them. To my amazement, I ran a part of the Olympic track, which hosted the Olympics; London 2012. Our guide was very informative and answered any questions. (Tour may vary)


Interesting facts about London stadium: 60,000 seats for football, 80,000 capacity for concerts, community track and 428 wheelchair viewing spaces.


I would do more training and perhaps visit the stadium again but I have already treasured that moment.



Ruby Xx



Ruby's Verdict


Football Foundation: 8.5/10

London stadium tour: 9/10


Overall experience: Enjoyable, useful and I look forward to learning new football techniques. The stadium tour was good. I got a feel of what it would be like as a player and visited areas you wouldn't get to see at a match, well worth a visit.


Fun factor: Fun for all ages, great as a gift.

Price: West Ham Community foundation sessions are free. Stadium tour: fees apply.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (sessions)

www.london-stadium.com (fees apply)


west ham ruby