Ice Skating at Sapphire


Hi everyone, Ruby here. Recently, I watched the winter Olympics in Beijing and really enjoyed it, especially the curling; it was great to see Great Britain bring home a gold medal. Watching this and the return of Dancing on Ice inspired me to visit my local ice rink- Sapphire Ice & Leisure centre.

My friend and I received an hour and a half skating session, which is open to the public, to enjoy with family and friends. This was an open activity but you can book ice skating lessons for different levels of your ability.

Don't worry about falling over on the ice or knowing you have to hold onto the rink wall because you'll have a whole hour and a half to improve. There are marshals who are always skating round whilst you are on the ice, meaning, they will be there to help you if needed. Just have fun!

This can be an exciting activity for any age, so you can learn a new sport and ice skating improves your balance, joint flexibility, posture and muscles as well as cardio health, endurance and helps weight management.

The ice rink is home to The Everyone Active Raiders (Romford Raiders) ice hockey team, where fans can cheer the team on in the stands, which are open to the public.

On a Friday there is an after-school disco, which sounds fun, and learn to skate sessions during the week for members. 


"When in doubt, skate it out"

Ruby Xx


Ruby's verdict: 9/10, the session we went to was extremely busy.

Overall experience: I really enjoyed this experience and can't wait to re-visit.

Price: https://www.everyoneactive.com/centre/sapphire-ice-leisure/#activities

          Adults and child skating from £10.

Fun factor: Very fun for a day out with family and friends as well as a nice idea for birthday parties.

Contact: Call 01708 206 892 or visithttps://www.everyoneactive.com/centre/sapphire-ice-leisure/






Everyone Active Swimming


Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. I managed to experience another event in the newly refurbished Harrow Lodge leisure centre; this time I thought I would try swimming.

Upon arrival, I walked into the freshly decorated changing rooms there was separate facilities for group or family changing. In my opinion the changing rooms were extremely big and the space for showers was expanded, there was access to hairdryers to use after swimming and sauna and steam rooms nearby.

When I walked into the main pool area there was a teaching pool on the right-hand side, which was 0.9 metres at the time but can reach up to a depth of 4 metres because you can dive in that pool. Meanwhile, on the left of this pool was a public pool, where you can book privately to experience swimming lessons with others who enjoy your same interest. You can also book into the main pool and choose your correct speed lane whether it is slow, medium, or fast to practise swimming your lengths to improve. 

I would like to try the diving boards. Diving can help with breathing techniques because of the amount of air consumption you inhale to absorb more oxygen and can reduce your heart rate with the cardio and strength training, which burns calories.

There are many benefits of swimming which can improve your overall health and fitness, such as keeping your heart rate up, improve sleep, build endurance and stamina, which you can use for long distance running, muscle strength and is part of cardio fitness. I think you should visit the swimming section of Harrow Lodge because this sport will help improve your overall fitness and it’s fun!

Also, you can teach someone to swim as they can start in the teaching pool before swimming in the main public pool.

Free swimming for children and young adults in Havering is available until summer 2022 visit: https://www.havering.gov.uk/news/article/984/free_swimming_launches_for_school_aged_children


"Swim like a shark!"

Ruby Xx



Ruby's verdict: 9/10

Overall experience: Enjoyable if you want to perhaps race each other to see who can do the most lengths in the least amount of time or to practise yourself. I found it really cool how as a part of the teaching pool the floor can sink to a lower measurement and manage to lift for when the times of sessions change (diving or teaching).

Price:https://joinonline.everyoneactive.com/lessons This provides you with times of available bookings and prices for adults or children a month depending how long you want your session to last.

Fun factor: Great for learning to swim and trying different activities like diving.

Contact: https://profile.everyoneactive.com/login





Changing Your Mindset


Hi everyone, Ruby here I hope you're having a great start to 2022. Have you made any new year resolutions for this year? I've noticed lots of adverts promoting diet and fitness whether on TV, in magazines, billboards or popping up on my phone. How do these adverts make you feel? I know I'm still enjoying a few Christmas chocolates in my school packed lunch; they're never ending!

I feel it's better to change a few things that you know you'll be able to stick to rather than switching to an unrealistic diet and fitness plan. Think positive, choose to walk a little further, cut back on that extra biscuit and enjoy trying new fruits and vegetables. Personally, I enjoy bike riding and like to take my football so I can have a kick about over the park to improve my skills. Although, the weathers cold and you may feel rather reluctant to go outside, trust me, you'll feel so much better afterwards. Download the free App called Nike Training Club, it's great for beginners and includes five-minute workouts, yoga, stretches, nutrition and wellness help advice plus you don't need any equipment to get started. 

Maybe drink a little more water, I always start the day with a glass with my breakfast so I'm not dehydrated. Get a little more activity in. Instead of taking the lift, take the stairs, just do a little more, because all of those healthy habits will eventually build up and they create big results.


"Healthy habits, healthy heart" 


Ruby Xx


We are looking for enthusiastic Sport Coaches to join our Health and Sports Development team for 2022.
Whilst we seek a wide range of experience and qualifications, we are particularly interested in candidates with experience of the following:
-Latin & Ballroom Dance
-Disability/Para Sport
Please email us if you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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 RRR9 Christmas


How to stay active over Christmas


Hi everyone, Ruby here. Hopefully you’re enjoying the build up to Christmas. This week, my blog will contain exercises and activities you can enjoy and take part in to help keep yourself and your family stay active over the Christmas holidays.

Firstly, here are some ideas of adventurous activities you might like to try. Recently, I went tubing with my football team, it was great to slide down on your own rubber ring with a maximum of 3

other people at the same time. My team loved this as it was great to bond and share a fun experience together, it was fast paced, outside on a dry ski slope and you had to walk up a slight hill to do it all again! Most of us had never tried it before, including me.This is a short 15 minute drive away, in Brentwood; closer to home is Havering Christmas Land, which is in Harrow Lodge Park by the newly built leisure centre - you can't miss the lights. When I visited over the weekend, we walked through the display of lights, which was magnificent as volunteers created this variety of festive themed lights including nutcracker figures and even a deluxe throne and sleigh, where you can pose to have your photo taken. This is great exercise as well because you're following the path to see the different parts of the decorated gardens and walk outside.

You can also take part in your local Park Run even on Christmas Day or simply go for a brisk walk or bike ride in your local park, it’s free just grab your trainers and away you go! Great to grab a moment of fresh air away from the busy days of Christmas and support your mental well being too.

Lastly, here are some exercises you can do at home to keep you occupied and take a break from the sofa, you can try these everyday to help burn off any extra calories from the festive food! Each day you can repeat a stretch for 2 minutes or maybe start with 1 minute, build up your stamina and see how long you can do the stretch for. Here are some stretches you might consider trying: squats, side lunges, lunges, box and wall squats, bicep curls holding a can of baked beans. Completing these stretches each day will help you gradually get back into your fitness routine.

I hope you consider these ways of remaining fit and healthy over Christmas!


'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I look forward to sharing more reviews & adventures with you in 2022!’


Ruby x



Tubing: Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard centre 01277 211994/ www.brentwoodskicentre.co.uk

Parkrun: www.parkrun.org.uk

Havering Christmas Land: www.haveringmind.org.uk until 30th December

ruby on throne ruby tubing