King George’s Outdoor Adventure Play Area


Hi everyone, Ruby here. This week I would like to share with you my experience visiting the newly refurbished King George's Playing Fields new outdoor Adventure Play Area, which is designed for children 8 years old and over. We booked our session in advance via Every One Active App.

As well as the recently opened play area, there are lots of other activities to participate in at this park like pitch and putt - Rascal Bay, another fantastic free playground, skate park, splash park, TAG Active and a couple of football pitches, which I enjoyed playing on with my mum and dad to practise some shots. We also took pleasure in relaxing with an ice cream and fruit juice on the new Pavilion cafe balcony, which overlooked the bowling green.

Once inside the play area, I could climb, slide and explore to my heart's content! I really liked the equipment because there were two fun slides to go down and obstacle courses underneath with swings, which I absolutely loved. It has a range of challenging structures, with both high and lower levels to be explored. However, I would advise to wear cycling gloves or just thin gloves in general because the whole play area is rope, which caused my hands to slightly blister after 25 minutes. Despite that, I loved all of the equipment, it was very exciting when trying each different area. Climbing helps your muscles in your upper and lower body and regular climbing can also improve your overall stamina.

For me, I liked the fact that there was a maximum number of children allowed in at the same time, this gave me a chance to have a go on everything even multiple times.



“There’s so much to explore when you're outside!”

Ruby Xx




Ruby's verdict: 8/10, I really enjoyed climbing and the slides but after a while my hands felt sore.

Overall experience: A fantastic array of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Price: Book online £2 for 55 minutes

Fun Factor: Lots to climb and explore, a fun day spent outdoors.

Contact: 01277 598886 or www.everyoneactive.com