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Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. I am going to be blogging and sharing my experiences of fun and active things you can do in Havering and the surrounding areas. It's great that we can start to do more as Covid restrictions are lifting and I'm really excited to share them with you.

This week I'm going to be giving you my views when I tried the activity football golf.

I really enjoy football and mini golf and love the idea of mixing them together. This activity is extremely like golf just with a football. Easy! 

Here's how to play: Like golf, the person who takes the fewest number of shots will win and you carry on kicking the ball in the hole until you have completed that round. There are 18 holes so even if you have a bit of a bad start where it may have taken you a few shots, keep carrying on as who you're playing against could have a couple of bad shots themself later on. You have a scorecard to complete as you make your way around the course.


Here are some of my tips:

1. If the hole is close, don't kick the ball too hard.

2. You could practise before you try football golf by setting up a mini course in your garden. 

3. Try and be as precise as possible.


Overall, I would rate this experience a 9/10 because it was really fun, so you should definitely try this with your friends and family.


"Good luck, Enjoy"

Ruby Xx




Ruby's verdict: 9/10

Overall experience: Good to play a variety of sports, best suited to dry days.

Price: Adult, £14 (over 12 years) child £10

Fun factor: Use your foot to putt! I can't wait to go again.

Contact: Golf Kingdom, Whalebone Lane North, Chadwell Heath, Essex RM6 6SB

www.golfkingdom.net/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ 0208 597 1120

  • Booking for Foot golf is essential during Covid 19.

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Hi everyone, Ruby here. Over the past few weeks, I have been involved in Friday Athletics Academy Club at Hornchurch Stadium, which is a mixture of sports including hurdles, long distance running, sprints and much more, it's good fun and a chance to try different activities and meet new people. This is particularly aimed for school years five and six and arranged by Havering Active.


Different athletics events:

There are many events you can take part in, here are some of the most popular ones: hurdles, long-distance running, sprints, long jump, shot put, discus, high jump and javelin.

These will all improve different aspects of your body; for instance, hurdling can strengthen your leg muscles, including your hamstrings.


Virtual Spring Run

London Youth Games have introduced a Virtual Spring Run, where you can run between a distance of 0.5km to 5km and you will receive a special prize if you achieve one of the fastest times running 3km, you have until 24th May to enter. You can find out more at www.lygrunseries.com the run is open to under 18's, please check with an adult before entering.


Why should you participate?

If you compete, you will be helping your borough rank high in the leader board and it will help improve your fitness and overall health. You may even enjoy it and run regularly.

In PE we start a lesson with a six-minute run and the aim is to keep moving for the whole time even if others are walking, you could improve on this by power walking to make you move quicker, this will help keep your heart rate going.

Furthermore, if you are doing activities, you enjoy regularly, you will improve your mental health, feel fit, healthy and energetic.

Good luck! 


I am pleased to say this week I have been offered a place at Havering Athletic Club, I can't wait to start training regularly. 


Ruby Xx


My plans/hopes for when this is all over

Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. As lockdown restrictions are easing, more activities will start to reopen and can thrive again.

Here are just some of the things I hope to do, you can visit and even celebrate due to restrictions easing:

Theme parks/Zoos:

Many zoos have suffered during the lockdowns, the animals have had no visitors and there have been huge running costs to pay. Despite Chester Zoo being sold out when re-opening, due to the pandemic they lost around £11.5m. Also, a recent birth of a giraffe and a new black rhino made people smile. London Zoo also suffered and the animals and keepers couldn't wait to see people return. Perhaps you could try and support your local zoo and any businesses that need your support. Although you have to travel through theme parks socially distanced at present and even experience some of the rides like that, it is wonderful to witness thrill seeking adventures once again. I visited Chessington World of Adventures last summer and I hope I get to visit more places this summer.

Beach days:

Following guidance from the government, we can visit the beach but we just need to keep safe by social distancing, have awareness and hope facilities are being cleaned regularly. Pack a picnic, sun cream, flip flops and don't forget your hand gel and wipes for mucky hands and ice cream sticky faces! GOOD VIBES!


I love to eat out, my favourite place is Wagamama. Katsu curry is my favourite!. To catch up with friends and family, you can now enjoy a meal or drink outside in a restaurant, fingers crossed for sunny weather. From the 17th of May, parties of up to six people can sit at a table indoors and enjoy food and drinks together.

Although, we are not back to normality yet, we will hopefully be soon. Go at your own pace just because restrictions are easing it's important that you do what feels right for you. 


"Better days are coming"


Ruby Xx


Video Blogging

Hi everyone, Ruby here. The way we communicate has changed vastly over the past few years. Instead of text communication you could try video or voice recording, you can even include text, images and effects. Please ask a parent for help and always seek parental permission before uploading.


Getting started

The first step to becoming a vlogger or videoing yourself successfully is that you'll need to understand your audience and discover your target of how you are going to interact with them. For example: craft challenges, sporting achievements, food reviews.



Creating your own vlog will boost your confidence, give you something to look back on and even try new things. Due to vlogging, you can share your passions, educate others and create ideas.



The best app to achieve the perfect video is InShot. It has many features that you will discover, including video cutters, music, filters and different designs. Another good app to try is FilmoraGo, which has a huge variety of options to choose from, when forming your video. Wix is the best vlogging website as it has many templates and is easy to use.


Tips and tricks

Add a theme or design

Be yourself

Try talking to the camera as if you were talking to your friends or family.

Experiment different ideas

Trim your video so it is not too long but not too short

Feel good music


Adding them to posts

As social media has grown in the past couple of years it has increased more users so more people will be able to watch and interact with your videos. If you film your video, you can then upload it as a post or go live once you feel most confident.


"Express yourself, no one else can do it"

Ruby Xx


When I grow up

Hi everyone, it's me Ruby.  Lockdown has given me lots of time to think about the future so I made a fact file about myself. The good thing about your own fact file is that you can always edit it, see how you've grown and changed throughout your life. For example, you can record your opinions, thoughts and feelings a bit like a diary.

When I grow up, I would like to be a footballer. If not, perhaps a runner, teacher, singer, dancer, accountant, chef or PE teacher, the possibilities are endless. What would you like to be or do?

Leading up to your career, you can set yourself goals and create opportunities for yourself to shine. 

Due to experiences, you can change your mind about what you think your job could or would be. By creating a fact file or diary you can write information down. It would be great to look back on your file, see how you've grown, remember what you're good at to help inspire you to decide on what to do. I'm enjoying secondary school as you have the choice to study many more subjects.

If you are unsure of what you want to be when you're older, you will discover your role. "Open the door for yourself, it is waiting for you; when you are ready."


"Don't worry if you make mistakes. Learning from them is what counts."

Ruby Xx