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Hi everyone, Ruby here. Hope you're enjoying the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays and are looking forward to going back to school, I'm looking forward to starting a new school year. 

Last year during the summer holidays, I decided I would like to join a football team. I had a bit of experience from being part of my school football team but wanted to develop my skills set. My mum found a local team under Tigers girls and I started to train with them twice a week but due to Covid restrictions the training wasn't as regular. Unfortunately, that team had to fold so I was a bit disappointed. However, under the Tigers umbrella I was able to join the Wildcats, where I was able to train with a group of girls who enjoy football.

The Weetabix Wildcats is for girls aged 5-11, who are willing to make new friends, play football, have fun and potentially join a team. Due to the large number of girls that played in my age group, Tigers was able to form another team that would be competing in league and cup games this upcoming season. So even if you want to attend for fun or for the opportunity to get into a team, it's a great way to spend Saturday mornings.

My experience of the Wildcats was really enjoyable, I learnt lots as the coaches were always willing to help and give tips. I was made to feel extremely welcome by Keith and Terry and all the team members so if you do feel a bit nervous; don't be as it's very encouraging. During my time at Wildcats, we did mini drills, such as rotating and passing, and my first session was a mini tournament, where we even got to play against an established team, which was exciting. I enjoyed having older girls, help coach as the group can aspire to them, that could be us when we're older!


"Best foot forward"

Ruby Xx



Ruby's verdict: 10/10

Overall experience: It was a fun and educational experience as I was learning new skills every Saturday and improving as a player.

Price: First taster session is free, then, £1.50 per session

Fun factor: Learn skills from drills.

Contact: www.tigersjfc.com 

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Home Pitch Locations.

Bretons Outdoor Recreation Centre

Rainham Road


RM13 7LL


Fun fact: Tigers JFC is one of the largest youth football clubs in Essex!


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