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The importance of keeping in touch


Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. Especially now, more than ever, it is great to keep in touch with family and friends; hopefully soon we can meet and hug, I can't wait!


Virtual Calls

These are video call apps you can use to create meetings; I recommend: Zoom, House party and Google Meet, you can chat to your friends or family, play a game or create a quiz to challenge each other. (Check with an adult before downloading).



If not virtually you can still keep in touch by writing and decorating letters or postcards to be sent in the post to loved ones. I've used the app: Touch Note to send postcards. Simply, choose a template design, add a photo or message and they send it directly to your requested address. 


Video Call Activities

On a video call, you can play a board game or computer games. Another idea is an art challenge consisting of drawing or painting. I like to challenge my cousin on Nintendo and recently used Face Time to take part and win a family quiz!

With luck we'll be back to school soon and can chat face to face with friends and family more often, it's been tough at times but stay positive and those virtual hugs will soon become real! 


"Keep in touch and smile"

Ruby Xx



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Ep 14

Looking after our mental health

Hi everyone, Ruby here. It was children's mental health week last week but all year round it's important to look after our health. There are many activities you can take part in to keep mental health at its best, here are some ideas to help you.


Have you heard of Mail Art? Use an envelope and decorate it, place a letter inside and you can post it to a family member or a friend to keep in touch. It is great to receive a hand written letter in the post!


Physical activity keeps the body strong and healthy and can improve mental health by decreasing symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain and loneliness. Physical activity can also improve focus, school performance, sleep and energy levels. As part of your exercise routine, you can participate in different workouts or even try yoga; there are free videos on YouTube. There is an App to get you moving called Couch to 5k, it's great for beginners.

Check in:

Another way to keep in touch is the simple way of phoning family and friends or set up a video call, where you can play games or quizzes together.


If you are stressed and worried about certain things, take time out to calm down and relax. Try this video to comfort you - on You Tube enter Guided Meditation for Positive Energy, Relaxation, Peace. Try the Apps: Calm, MyLife Meditation Mindfulness and an excellent series created by Headspace on Netflix called Guide to Meditation. (check with an adult before downloading)


"Keep safe and look after yourself!"
Ruby Xx
We are so pleased to share this wonderful news story about one of our own – Olly Flower.

Olly has competed in the Panathlon Challenge and represented Team Havering at the London Youth Games on many occasions over the years. 

Today, we are incredibly proud to announce that he is the recent recipient of the Jack Petchey Foundation 'Special Recognition' award for dedication as an athlete and for helping others achieve at Panathlon competitions.

Olly attended Redden Court School here in Havering and was due to attend the Boccia England national team trials just before the pandemic hit. He is a true talent. 

Congratulations Olly - you are a superstar! ⭐

To read the full article please visit: https://panathlon.com/.../jack-petchey-foundation-oliver.../
Olly Flower
Ruby ep13
Book Reviews

Hi everyone, it's me Ruby, I hope you're all keeping safe. If you're looking for a break from the screen, how about reading some great books before we go back to school. I'm part of the Junior Book Club and here are some entertaining books I have read and recommend.

Adventures of the Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton

A creature appears in the children's shed and takes them on magical journeys, which are adventurous and exciting. The special chair transports them to different lands full of imagination. I would rate this book a 4.5/5 stars. Also, this book is a part of three different wishing chair books; there is: The Island of Surprises, The Land of Fairy tales and The Wishing Chair again.

Dark Blue Rising by Terri Terry

This is ideal for 12-15 year olds.

There once was a girl named Holly who preferred to be called by her middle name Tabby and she was being looked after by who she thinks is her mum: Cate.

Sadly, she was hit by a car so had to go to hospital but the girls didn't want to give away any details about themselves to the hospital. To top it off, Cate is arrested and Tabby has a DNA test. Soon after she is reunited with her parents and is back in her bedroom, which she likes to stay in. Tabby then joins a swimming club and wins for her team but in her lesson she starts breathing uncontrollably, what will happen to her? Tabby then goes to the sea when she thinks she has overcome her breathing difficulties but is it still too dangerous for her? I really enjoyed this book because it was surprising and exciting. I also enjoyed it because some parts you didn't know what was going to happen next, it had lots of twists and was telling Tabby's journey and what she was going through. I would rate this 4.5 stars as I didn't really understand the first chapter but overall, it was a great and interesting book. This book is not a part of a series. Just sit back and enjoy reading Tabby's life journey.

Watership Down by Richard Adams

I really enjoyed this book but it was sad at times. I could relate to this book as my special comforter is a bunny and the book is about bunny rabbits so I didn't want anything bad to happen to them. 

The story introduces young rabbit named Fiver who could sense danger at their warren (their home) so he told his brother Hazel. Together they discussed the matter with El-Ahraira- the leader of their warren. The El-Ahraira said that there was no need to leave. Fiver still had a strong feeling that something was wrong so together Hazel and Fiver gathered together some other rabbits to leave their warren and go with them. After explaining what Fiver senses, they set off on their adventure to find a new warren. They have trouble, injuries and predators on their journey. Did they find their perfect warren?

This book was very adventurous and quite long, 617 pages so great for keen readers like me. A fantastic read if you prefer longer books. I would rate this book a 4.5/5 stars.

"Let Your Imagination Run Wild!"
Ruby Xx