'Home Fitness'

Hi everyone it's me Ruby! Exercise is a vital part of keeping well both mentally and physically fit, even more so during these challenging times, and there are plenty of ways. I'm going to share with you how to workout effectively at home.


What is fitness?

Fitness is the condition of being physically fit, mentally fit and healthy. Fitness is also an ability to have the quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role, task or workout.


What is home fitness?

Home fitness is when you can work out from the comfort of your own home. You can follow a fitness instructor on a DVD or online by yourself or perhaps even try a Zoom fitness call with family and friends. Thanks to social media, we have direct access to top fitness trainers, many of whom live stream workout classes, plus there's a range of fitness apps to help you stay motivated. You can skip, dance, stretch or try yoga for free!

NTC. The Nike Training Club offers over 185 free workouts for all ages, 4+

GoNoodle Kids Videos

Just Dance Now

Available via App Store or Google Play.


Keeping fit at home

Fitness at home is great because you can workout at your own pace and create your own workouts, also its cheaper, look online for inspiration and ask an adult to help you if you look online. You can also go in your garden or balcony to do a couple of exercises or stretches. You don't have to go anywhere and you'll have the benefit of being fit and staying in your own home.

Did you do the Joe Wicks workouts like me during lockdown? I think Joe is a great fitness instructor, maybe that could be you one day...

Try checking out Joe Wicks fitness videos on YouTube, Courtney Black on Instagram, the NHS website, London Youth Games, Kidz Bop to dance along to and Change 4 Life for more information and activities that you can do at home. ( check with an adult before going online)




Why should we keep fit?

We should keep fit because it will help us in our daily lives. For example, it reduces the risk of disease, controls weight, improves our mood and helps to keep our bones and muscles supple and strong.


Local Fitness

If the weather is ok there are lots of places to keep fit in Havering for free outdoors. Havering has the privilege to have lots of places to keep active. You can go for a brisk walk in the many parks, play tennis in the free tennis courts or swim in our many swimming pools for a small charge or you could go for a bike ride in a country park.


Ruby's home fitness workout 

10 crunches

15 squats

20 lunges

45 seconds of running on the spot

15 sit ups

15 press ups

30 seconds plank

20 star jumps


You can mix and match or adapt to suit your needs.

Remember not to overdo it, have rest breaks and drink water.


"Keep fit, don't sit"

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Rubys ep3


'My Achievements'


I have accomplished special achievements in running, football, dancing and singing.



I have set many running records for my primary school and hope to do the same in my secondary school. I love running and personally think I'm better at long distance because I have the energy, enthusiasm and stamina. My running hero is: Brigid Kosgei because she is a great long distance runner, has set a world running record and she won this years London Marathon with a well paced run of 2 hours 18 minutes.



I played football for my primary school and we did really well. I'd even score the winning goal at times! I've watched West Ham, which is the team I support play at London Stadium and Upton Park. Right now, I'm training to be in a local football team and hope to make the squad. My football heroes are: Harry Redknapp and West Ham's Declan Rice because they are or were really good in midfield, which is where I am best at and they both could attack, defend well and are very skilful.



I've been dancing since I was 2 years old and still enjoy it. I have got many distinctions, merits, certificates and medals for my exams. I have dancing once a week taking part in modern, tap and singing. I love singing I feel it's my strength. I even sing in the shower!



I have participated in Havering music festival three times, which was a record for my school.

I am so proud of my achievements and I hope you are of yours.


"Try your best"

"You don't know what you can achieve or accomplish until you try"

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LYG 2018 Gold Winner makes

First Team debut at Arsenal Football Club!


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Ruby Mace was part of the Havering LYG 2018 Gold Winning Female Football team.


On Sunday she made her First Team debut for Arsenal in the FA Cup Quarterfinal. 


She has been training with Arsenal first team for 6 months and is currently in Manchester preparing for tonight's FA Semi Cup Final! 


Ruby is currently living at Oaklands College and studying sports coaching alongside her First team training. 


During the Covid Pandemic she was supported by her 1-2-1 coach Louis Rodriguez which Ruby is very grateful for. 


Let's give her a massive Havering good luck for tonight's match! 


"It just shows your how you can achieve when you put your mind to it!"


Well done Ruby!






Ruby Episode 2


'Getting To Know Me'


Hi everyone, this week I'm going to be telling you a little more about me.

My name is Ruby and I'm 11 years old.

I got into London Youth Games by taking part in Stubbers cross country in year 6 and it's been the best experience of my life because I got to show off my passion, which is running and represent Havering. I hope to do it again for my new school.

Here are some fun facts about me:

1. Favourite colour: blue

2. Favourite foods: chicken fajitas, lamb and fish cakes. (Sorry vegetarians)

3. Favourite sports: running and football

4. Second favourite sport: tennis

5. My next favourite sports: all the rest of them!

6. Favourite subjects: maths and P.E

7. Favourite books: the Harry Potter series

8. Favourite films: all the Harry Potter movies, Teen Beach movie, the Descendants, Mary Poppins, Four kids and IT and Back to the Future.

9. My weekends: I enjoy going dancing and singing


 At my new school I'm in the green house, whose mascot is Kermit the frog.

 As sports captain I thought of an idea to create a mini football league vs the other houses.

 When voting for sports captain I was the only one that came prepared with a speech!

"Everyone is unique and that is a good thing don't think it's a bad thing"


 "Do not doubt yourself you are perfect just the way you are"


 "Be you"

Ruby XxIMG 6191

Massive shout out to our very own Archery superstar! ✨
🌍 World Archery Record for Cadet Barebow Women
🇬🇧 4 UK Records
🇪🇺 1 European Record
And a couple of Essex County Records!!
Screenshot 2020 09 21 at 20.13.43
Amelia Chumber, U16 barebow archer for Braintree Bowmen, had lots to smile about at the Woking Archery Club Open 2020 competition this weekend.
It has been so long since target competitions have run that there were a lot of nerves as to how the day would go.
WAC had strict covid safety measures in places but over 120 archers were able to compete over the two days and a fair few from Essex clubs. It was a very well-run competition; sure others could use as a blueprint to do their own.
Spectators were not allowed, not even parents of juniors but the Barebow community are one of the best and they all made sure Amelia was looked after. Bonus was that Amelia had her coach shooting alongside for support.
Amelia scored 1073 in the double WA50 Barebow round and broke the previous World Record held by USA archer Trinity Howard by 25 points.
Amelia joins other Barebow archers from Sweden who also set World Records in their competitions on the same day.
Amelia claimed her 2nd World record , a European record and 4 UK records, a triumphant end to a long day.
Many thanks go to Richard Burgess for all his time coaching that motivates Amelia to always shoot strong, her club, Braintree Bowmen, for all the encouragement they give Amelia and to Perris Archery for their continued support.
The results show that with the right inspiration hard work pays off.
Congratulations Amelia , another great result for Essex archery.