Junior Gym Session review at Everyone Active


Hi, Ruby here! Recently, I visited the newly opened leisure centre in Hornchurch ‘Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre’. The old centre was knocked down over the past few months. I have fond memories because I used to swim there with my school and compete in athletics.

For my age group, I could use up to 18 different pieces of gym equipment. From 11-15 years old you can join the junior supervised gym sessions at Everyone Active. Firstly, you have to attend an induction session before the gym sessions because a member of the Everyone Active staff will show you how to use the equipment and you get a chance to trial each piece, I found this good to ask any questions you have and the staff were helpful and friendly. However, during the regular sessions someone will not be going round with you but there will always be someone there if you need any assistance. I think that it would be good to have a set routine or plan to make the most of your time to find out what you enjoy doing and what works well for you individually.

This was my first time in a gym so I was feeling a little nervous but also excited to see what I could use and I was surprised that so many of the machines had TVs on them so you could watch television while exercising! How fun is that!

I found out during my induction that girls usually choose to exercise more on cardio, which includes the following machines: treadmills, exercise bikes and cross trainers. This helps improve your overall fitness including running and football which are my favourite. In contrast, boys usually practise weights, which includes cable machines, leg extension, seated row and overhead press. Rowing is good for both cardio and weights. On average, for juniors you set the weight at 5 to 10 and you can check this at your induction session to make sure it is right for you. Also, there are floor exercises to practise gymnastics, warm up and stretches.

The junior gym session lasts 50 minutes and the induction lasts 40 minutes. On average, there are 10 children usually at a session (you can do stuff separately) but because of Covid restrictions the gym at present have to limit the numbers to 5. After you have finished on each piece of equipment you have to make sure you wipe it down afterwards with the sanitiser. The most popular day to go is Monday between 4:45pm - 7:45 pm.


If you feel comfortable you can go in on your own (without a parent) after school, otherwise with an adult. 


My favourite pieces of equipment were the treadmill, exercise bike and seated row.


I would definitely go again and possibly try other things like swimming and badminton.


Ruby Xx



Ruby's verdict: 8.5/10

Overall experience: Helps to improve general fitness and to promote healthy lifestyles.

Price: £3.70 peak & off peak junior ( other fees may apply)

Fun factor: You can watch TV while you get fit!

Contact: Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre, Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, RM11 1JU

www.everyoneactive.com / 01708 454 135

Booking is essential during Covid 19.


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