ep 15

The importance of keeping in touch


Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. Especially now, more than ever, it is great to keep in touch with family and friends; hopefully soon we can meet and hug, I can't wait!


Virtual Calls

These are video call apps you can use to create meetings; I recommend: Zoom, House party and Google Meet, you can chat to your friends or family, play a game or create a quiz to challenge each other. (Check with an adult before downloading).



If not virtually you can still keep in touch by writing and decorating letters or postcards to be sent in the post to loved ones. I've used the app: Touch Note to send postcards. Simply, choose a template design, add a photo or message and they send it directly to your requested address. 


Video Call Activities‚Äč

On a video call, you can play a board game or computer games. Another idea is an art challenge consisting of drawing or painting. I like to challenge my cousin on Nintendo and recently used Face Time to take part and win a family quiz!

With luck we'll be back to school soon and can chat face to face with friends and family more often, it's been tough at times but stay positive and those virtual hugs will soon become real! 


"Keep in touch and smile"

Ruby Xx