Fun Things To Do At Home!

Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. 

Firstly, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy new year. As this is our 3rd national lockdown I have thought of some ideas you could try to keep entertained, creative, fit and active.


It is great for your health to go for a walk nearly every day.

You can have lovely brisk walks or power walks or walk at a general steady pace; you can choose your preference. Recently I have been going for a twenty- minute walk most mornings with my family before school starts! 

My nan and grandad go for a walk every day to their local park, it helps keep them active, is a chance to take in the natural beauty of nature and get some vitamin D which is important during the winter months, it's sometimes called the 'sunshine vitamin' because it's produced in our skin in response to sunlight, it's also important for normal growth and resistance against certain diseases.

Although walking is slower than running you may not think that you are getting the same amount of exercise but walking can provide the same benefits. Studies show that walking is as good as running and cuts down the risk of heart disease.

Visit http://www.walkingforhealth.org.uk to see what walk routes you can take in your local area, ways to stay motivated and contact details of your local walks coordinator.


While we're in lockdown it's a great time to try something new that we may not have had time to do before.

Over the holidays I've been baking and cooking, why don't you give it a try. One of the things I made was a parsnip soup, which is great to eat when it's cold to help warm you up. Visit http://www.jaimeoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-vegetables/spicy-parsnip-soup​ to see the parsnip soup recipe I made. Making soup is also a good way to use up any leftover vegetables.

When baking or cooking you can enjoy a variety of different foods and make your own creative twists!


Another thing to do to keep you entertained during lockdown is art, it’s a good boost for our mental health to express ourselves. 

You can paint, colour or sketch anything you desire; let your imagination run wild.

Visit http://www.artprojectsforkids.org.uk to find lots of inspiring suggestions and follow them daily for artistic ideas with tips, tricks and more. 

Recently I've made glitter pictures of a snowman by following numbers and my cousin and I enjoy creative ‘Zoom’ calls by designing colourful posters and art competitions together.

"Remember - STAY POSITIVE"
Ruby Xx