Stubbers Adventure Centre

Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. I've visited Stubbers many times, for cross
country races and in primary school our year group had a two night stay
where we stayed in the Smash Camps area, I stayed in a large tent with bunk beds, which was my first time staying away from home but I really enjoyed it as there were so many activities to get involved in.

Stubbers is a great place for fun with family and friends as you can
participate in multiple activities like archery, paddle boarding,
kayaking and climbing. Recently, I tried indoor rock climbing and it
was so much fun. You wear a safety harness and are guided through to the best route to reach the top; you can go at your own pace or climb at the same times with friends.

When I went on the school trip, my favourite activities were paddleboarding (I was the only one not to fall off) and driving a Land Rover throughout a course, it was epic and such a
great experience!

Personally, I think it’s the perfect place to try an activity,
which you haven't tried before. For example, if you’re scared of
heights, you can work your way up the obstacle course until you reach
the highest level, when I tried it, I loved it!

Stubbers has recently added a whole new giant outdoor adventure playground, sand play and paddle beach area which is extremely fun and there are so many different things to go on like swings, hills, slides, bars, tunnels which are all made from wood, perhaps you can
challenge your friend to a race through the course.

If you are interested in visiting all year round you can purchase annual passes, which allows you into the adventure centre at any time throughout the year. You can also host birthday parties at Stubbers Adventure Centre, try banana boating, open canoeing, laser combat, survival, or target sport, which sounds amazing! I was given a gift voucher for Stubbers at Christmas and I can’t wait to visit again soon, It’s great to get together and start making some awesome memories.

"Have fun climbing high!"
Ruby Xx

Ruby's verdict: 10/10, lots of great activities to enjoy.

Overall experience: This adventure centre is really enjoyable and a
chance to try something new.

Price: visit https://www.stubbers.co.uk/book/adventures-for-individuals-and-families/27

Fun Factor: A great entertainment for you and the family to enjoy as a day out or over night stay.

Contact: 01708 224753 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & www.stubbers.co.uk