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How to stay active over Christmas


Hi everyone, Ruby here. Hopefully you’re enjoying the build up to Christmas. This week, my blog will contain exercises and activities you can enjoy and take part in to help keep yourself and your family stay active over the Christmas holidays.

Firstly, here are some ideas of adventurous activities you might like to try. Recently, I went tubing with my football team, it was great to slide down on your own rubber ring with a maximum of 3

other people at the same time. My team loved this as it was great to bond and share a fun experience together, it was fast paced, outside on a dry ski slope and you had to walk up a slight hill to do it all again! Most of us had never tried it before, including me.This is a short 15 minute drive away, in Brentwood; closer to home is Havering Christmas Land, which is in Harrow Lodge Park by the newly built leisure centre - you can't miss the lights. When I visited over the weekend, we walked through the display of lights, which was magnificent as volunteers created this variety of festive themed lights including nutcracker figures and even a deluxe throne and sleigh, where you can pose to have your photo taken. This is great exercise as well because you're following the path to see the different parts of the decorated gardens and walk outside.

You can also take part in your local Park Run even on Christmas Day or simply go for a brisk walk or bike ride in your local park, it’s free just grab your trainers and away you go! Great to grab a moment of fresh air away from the busy days of Christmas and support your mental well being too.

Lastly, here are some exercises you can do at home to keep you occupied and take a break from the sofa, you can try these everyday to help burn off any extra calories from the festive food! Each day you can repeat a stretch for 2 minutes or maybe start with 1 minute, build up your stamina and see how long you can do the stretch for. Here are some stretches you might consider trying: squats, side lunges, lunges, box and wall squats, bicep curls holding a can of baked beans. Completing these stretches each day will help you gradually get back into your fitness routine.

I hope you consider these ways of remaining fit and healthy over Christmas!


'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I look forward to sharing more reviews & adventures with you in 2022!’


Ruby x



Tubing: Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard centre 01277 211994/ www.brentwoodskicentre.co.uk

Parkrun: www.parkrun.org.uk

Havering Christmas Land: www.haveringmind.org.uk until 30th December

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