Rubys Rocking Adventrues



'Ruby's 1st Week at Secondary'


My name is Ruby, I am eleven years old and I can't wait to share my adventures with you! I love all sports but running and football are my passions. I took part in London Youth Games cross country in 2019 and Havering girls won gold! It was a fantastic achievement.


This week I started at a new school and I'm now in year 7, I couldn't wait to start secondary school, I was really excited and eager to learn. I was even the first pupil to enter the school on the first day!


Secondary school is much larger than primary school but I think I have adjusted well and I'm really excited. At the moment because of Covid-19 Year 7 are in a bubble and in only one section of the school: E Block. We must stay positive though! There are more lessons and a different teacher for each subject. Most of my primary school friends go to my new school but I have made some new friends. I even got voted sports captain by my class for my class, I can't wait to get started!


On Saturday, I took part in trials for a local football team, I really hope I make the team. It was good to play with the girls who play for my age group and learn new tricks.

I also received my medals and certificates for my dancing exams, it was great to be back at my dancing school for the first time since March.


It was hot this week and on Sunday I enjoyed a lovely roast dinner at a restaurant in Leigh on Sea to celebrate my nan's birthday. I saw a war ship and enjoyed a vanilla whip ice cream, delicious!



'"Enjoy what you do"'

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