Put Shack




Hi everyone, Ruby here. This week I'm going to let you know about the fun you can have at


Puttshack in Lakeside, which is why I have been there multiple times, even for my birthday party this year!


Puttshack is an interactive mini golf wonderland with a twist because they have adapted traditional golf. Instead of using paper and pen; the trackaball technology will register your ball and youll see your scores on a screen with the points youve won from each hole.



You can burn around 300 calories from playing a game of mini golf. It can also help children with coordination, balance, maths, problem solving and even decision making.



You have the option of four different courses, which are: Ruby, Violet, Emerald and Diamond. On your way through the course watch out for hazards, which will deduct points. However, here is a protip, if you putt your ball through a super tube, some will be a hole in one and as a bonus you receive 10 extra points.  On one particular hole you can win a free pizza, drink, another session or even points if you can get a hole in one. I have once done this and I won a free drink!



If your birthday is close, why not book it at Puttshack, perhaps you could even try their Christmas package, where you can purchase some festive food.


Due to how great the experience is, it has brought me back many times, because of how enjoyable and how it makes me feel really happy when I spend my time here with my family and friends.



Perfect putting awaits at Puttshack"


Ruby Xx



Ruby's verdict: 10/10


Overall experience: Fun holes with different aspects of interactive obstacles.


Price: May vary from £8 - £10 for an adult, same for a child aged 13-17 and around £7.50 for


children aged 7-12.


Fun factor: Mixture of holes to win as many points as you can.


Contact: www.puttshack.com/uk/guest-booking or  020 3912 9400