My plans/hopes for when this is all over

Hi everyone, it's me Ruby. As lockdown restrictions are easing, more activities will start to reopen and can thrive again.

Here are just some of the things I hope to do, you can visit and even celebrate due to restrictions easing:

Theme parks/Zoos:

Many zoos have suffered during the lockdowns, the animals have had no visitors and there have been huge running costs to pay. Despite Chester Zoo being sold out when re-opening, due to the pandemic they lost around £11.5m. Also, a recent birth of a giraffe and a new black rhino made people smile. London Zoo also suffered and the animals and keepers couldn't wait to see people return. Perhaps you could try and support your local zoo and any businesses that need your support. Although you have to travel through theme parks socially distanced at present and even experience some of the rides like that, it is wonderful to witness thrill seeking adventures once again. I visited Chessington World of Adventures last summer and I hope I get to visit more places this summer.

Beach days:

Following guidance from the government, we can visit the beach but we just need to keep safe by social distancing, have awareness and hope facilities are being cleaned regularly. Pack a picnic, sun cream, flip flops and don't forget your hand gel and wipes for mucky hands and ice cream sticky faces! GOOD VIBES!


I love to eat out, my favourite place is Wagamama. Katsu curry is my favourite!. To catch up with friends and family, you can now enjoy a meal or drink outside in a restaurant, fingers crossed for sunny weather. From the 17th of May, parties of up to six people can sit at a table indoors and enjoy food and drinks together.

Although, we are not back to normality yet, we will hopefully be soon. Go at your own pace just because restrictions are easing it's important that you do what feels right for you. 


"Better days are coming"


Ruby Xx