Video Blogging

Hi everyone, Ruby here. The way we communicate has changed vastly over the past few years. Instead of text communication you could try video or voice recording, you can even include text, images and effects. Please ask a parent for help and always seek parental permission before uploading.


Getting started

The first step to becoming a vlogger or videoing yourself successfully is that you'll need to understand your audience and discover your target of how you are going to interact with them. For example: craft challenges, sporting achievements, food reviews.



Creating your own vlog will boost your confidence, give you something to look back on and even try new things. Due to vlogging, you can share your passions, educate others and create ideas.



The best app to achieve the perfect video is InShot. It has many features that you will discover, including video cutters, music, filters and different designs. Another good app to try is FilmoraGo, which has a huge variety of options to choose from, when forming your video. Wix is the best vlogging website as it has many templates and is easy to use.


Tips and tricks

Add a theme or design

Be yourself

Try talking to the camera as if you were talking to your friends or family.

Experiment different ideas

Trim your video so it is not too long but not too short

Feel good music


Adding them to posts

As social media has grown in the past couple of years it has increased more users so more people will be able to watch and interact with your videos. If you film your video, you can then upload it as a post or go live once you feel most confident.


"Express yourself, no one else can do it"

Ruby Xx