Easter Holiday Activities

Hi everyone, Ruby here. During our Easter break, we can be imaginative and brainstorm many activities to do before we go back to school. Here are some fun ideas:

Make Brownies:

If you have any leftover chocolate eggs you can create these luxurious chocolate treats by melting your chocolate. This recipe is one love to follow: https://www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com/recipes/worlds-best-brownies/

After eating lots of chocolate for Easter we can become active once more by going for a run or walk in your local park to burn off all the chocolate. Recently opened is the new Stubbers outdoor play park in Upminster, which you can visit or have a nice brisk walk-through Thames Chase. Tennis courts have reopened and next week gyms. Check out your gym's timetable classes, such as Cardio or Pilates for all ages.


Another idea for using left over chocolate is games. With mini creme eggs and a spoon, you can compete against your family in an egg and spoon race and see who wins. It's not too late! Or you could challenge others in an Easter egg hunt with spare solid eggs to play outdoors or indoors. You can even add riddles or quiz questions to make it harder.

There are plenty ideas to keep us busy and let our creativity run wild. Enjoy your Easter holidays.

"Use your imagination to create"

Ruby Xx