List of positive things 

Hi everyone, Ruby here. Last week Boris Johnson released the road map for easing lockdown restrictions promising hope for the future. Exciting, isn't it.

Back to school

On Monday, after months of home schooling we're finally going back to school and we can see our friends again, Yay! Also, starting back up are after school clubs, where we can participate in fun activities and we can hopefully widen our hobbies, interests and learn new skills.

The great outdoors

Another restriction being lifted on the 8th of March is meeting with one other person outside for a catch up or exercise. Soon after, on the 29th of March the rule of six is returning, you can go for a walk or meet up in a garden. If you visit the park the outdoor facilities like tennis courts will be open so you can have a game with friends and family while sticking to the rule of the amount of people you play with. And finally, outside of school outdoor clubs can reopen. For example, football clubs or athletics so we can train and increase our fitness levels.

Positivity for the future‚Äč

Although these days seem far away, they will come around quickly. From 12th of April, places like gyms can reopen and leisure facilities like zoos and theme parks. Following on, stage three is when hopefully a maximum of 30 people can meet up in a group outdoors. It'll be lovely having friends and family meeting outdoors for picnics as this date is 17th of May, when the weather should hopefully be warmer. 

If we keep following the rules, be safe and mindful of others these dates will progress and we're not far away from those real virtual hugs.

"Remember to keep safe"

Ruby Xx