Roby ep 12
Photography: Hints & Tips

Hi everyone, Ruby here. I got into photography last summer as I received an iPhone for my birthday; it has a really good camera. My phone has a 12-megapixel f/1.8 wide camera. Have you had a chance to discover your camera phones features?


When you go out for a walk you can take beautiful photos of the sun and colourful sky. You can also take photos of the plants, flowers and trees. Like me, you can visit Dagnam Park and take pictures of the wild deer close up or photos of family, friends, pets and other wildlife; the possibilities are endless! Don't leave all these beautiful images on your phone, sign up to Free Prints app and you can get 45 prints free every month just pay for delivery. (Ask an adult for permission)


There are apps you can download to edit your photos. I personally like Adobe Light room; you can adjust the colour and light with simple editing tools. Second is Retouch Al, where you can remove objects out of your photo, which you don't want in the shot and VSCO, where you can take your photography to the next level with 10 VSCO presets. Have a look and discover what you like.


  • ​A Bluetooth remote is a handy gadget for selfies, also a mini tripod​; both are available online for under £10.
  • iPhone- Portrait mode is next to the normal camera mode, although you can only take the photo to get the clearest picture at a certain distance.
  • If you start a video there is a white button next to the video button, which allows you to take photos during your videos so you never miss a thing.
  • If you swipe left on your device on camera mode you can take photo bursts so you can choose your favourite out of many, click onto select to choose.
  • I like this trick, on your camera when you zoom in you can get a clearer picture after waiting a few seconds for your camera to focus.
"Get creative and snap at the right moment!"
Ruby Xx