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'Football Teams'


As grassroots sports, like football, are returning as we come out of lockdown perhaps you could rediscover sports you enjoy or you could join a local football team. Visit to find a football team you could join locally. I’ve recently started training with a team - I’m really enjoying it. I went in not knowing anyone but everyone welcomed me and were really friendly. I can’t wait to carry on improving. 


Why do we support a team?

I think the majority of people follow in the footsteps of their family when supporting a team unless we particularly like another team. I support West Ham. Following a football team may bring a sense of excitement, emotional highs, lows and the element of the unknown!


Great ways to support teams

You can support your team by singing chants, going to watch them or buying their merchandise. You can get creative and think of your own ways of supporting your team. I did a tour of the London Stadium and it was excellent walking around the behind the scenes places like the tunnel, dressing room and pitch side; it’s definitely worth doing. It can work out expensive watching a premium team every week but why not keep it local and watch teams over the park or follow it shows boys and girls football teams you could watch and shows you position tables and results.


Due to Covid- 19 fans haven’t been able to watch in the stadiums but some stadiums are allowing some fans back. I remember my first game, I was five years old and it was at Upton Park. West Ham played Manchester City and won 2-1; from that moment I was hooked. I have been a lot of times since it is a great way of supporting your team and having a day out with friends and family. 

I love to keep up to date with all the latest football news and my team. West Ham are doing really well at the moment. This Saturday, 5th December it will be the first time fans can watch again and we are playing Manchester United. COME ON YOU IRONS!


"Keep Kicking!"

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