'Sporting Heroes'


Most of us have a person or people we aspire to. Personally I like Declan Rice because when he got rejected from Chelsea at the age of fourteen he never gave up, he carried on and joined West Ham. Now, at the age of twenty one years old he is team captain for West Ham and regularly plays football for England. This shows that although he got rejected, if we don't give up and believe in ourselves we can achieve greater things.


Sporting heroes are more than just sports stars they're an inspiration. They all start off like us with a dream that they work extremely hard to achieve and like Declan they have knock backs! But it is how we deal with them that make us the people we are. We learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up and push ourselves even harder to be the best we can be.


Who is your sporting hero? Who or what is your inspiration?

In the words of Mo Farah ( November 2020 ITV I'm a Celebrity)

" Doesn't matter what colour, language, religion, sport will bring people together "


If it wasn't for sport his life may have taken a different path. That's why sport is so important in our lives to give us focus and drive or even if its just for fun! Mo Farah is an inspiration with his enthusiasm, determination, his passion for sport and his will to win.


"Never give up, be inspired!"

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