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'Virtual Cross Country'



I really enjoy running. Recently at school I did a twelve minute run in PE. For my age group, eleven years old, we're supposed to aim for six minutes of continuous movement, try it and see if you can manage it and run the whole six minutes or more, each time try to beat your previous time.

LYG Cross Country

Last year I took part in LYG Cross Country and was part of team Havering. This year due to Covid restrictions London Youth Games are hosting a virtual cross country from 21st November - 6th December 2020. It's split into age groups. Points are scored for participation and performance. Simply run your distance and submit your time to score points, it's that simple to take part. Follow on Instagram @haveringlyg and @ldnyouthgames

You can find more information at

Go Havering!


What's running good for?

It's fun to run! Running can improve your physical and mental well being, reduce stress levels and help reduce long term illnesses.


Getting Active

Try to visit your local park and go for a jog or a brisk walk. Running on a crisp winter afternoon can invigorate your senses as much as a glorious summer morning, why not try it with a friend or family member you can give each other encouragement.  

Before Covid you could take part in your local Park Run, 5k, 10k runs and more ( it's free to join, you can run at your own pace plus your times are recorded and published weekly, hopefully the local park runs will be open again soon.  

If you're a beginner visit the NHS website and the Couch to 5K app on App Store or Google Play, you can build up gradually and run up to 5k in no time. 

"Try it, you might like it!"

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