Rubys ep3


'My Achievements'


I have accomplished special achievements in running, football, dancing and singing.



I have set many running records for my primary school and hope to do the same in my secondary school. I love running and personally think I'm better at long distance because I have the energy, enthusiasm and stamina. My running hero is: Brigid Kosgei because she is a great long distance runner, has set a world running record and she won this years London Marathon with a well paced run of 2 hours 18 minutes.



I played football for my primary school and we did really well. I'd even score the winning goal at times! I've watched West Ham, which is the team I support play at London Stadium and Upton Park. Right now, I'm training to be in a local football team and hope to make the squad. My football heroes are: Harry Redknapp and West Ham's Declan Rice because they are or were really good in midfield, which is where I am best at and they both could attack, defend well and are very skilful.



I've been dancing since I was 2 years old and still enjoy it. I have got many distinctions, merits, certificates and medals for my exams. I have dancing once a week taking part in modern, tap and singing. I love singing I feel it's my strength. I even sing in the shower!



I have participated in Havering music festival three times, which was a record for my school.

I am so proud of my achievements and I hope you are of yours.


"Try your best"

"You don't know what you can achieve or accomplish until you try"

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